Custom Cabinets

     The benefits of owning true custom cabinetry are many – not the least of which being you can create a magnificent kitchen, bathroom – or any other room in your home – that’s one and only, yours. This section of our web site is all about helping you understand those benefits and why custom cabinetry is not only an investment in the beauty and convenience of your home – it’s a smart investment that will add significant value to your home.

     Cabinetry is cabinetry, right? Not quite! Custom cabinetry lets you achieve exactly the look and functionality you want. Indeed, almost anything is possible. In addition to having the door style, wood species, color, and finish you desire, custom fitted to your room alone, with custom cabinetry, you also have the versatility of having freestanding furniture created especially for you. If you choose semi-custom or stock cabinetry, you’ll end up having to make compromises.